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The Benefits of a Spray-In Bedliner Versus a Drop-In Bedliner

When it comes to investing in protection for the bed of your truck, you want a material that is rated to provide serious results. Many drivers opt for the convenience and affordability of a drop-in liner, but then regret not investing in a spray-in bedliner. If you’re looking for a local solution to keep your vehicle both safe and aesthetically pleasing, then be sure to talk to the professionals at Ultimate Linings of San Jose!

Our team specializes in spray-on liners and polyurethane solutions to provide versatile protection from a variety of daily risk factors. Ultimate Linings is renowned for its protective coatings, and our professionals know how to achieve a high-quality finish for every customer.

Keep reading to compare the advantages of a drop-in bedliner versus a spray-in coating, and be sure to get in touch with us if you’re ready to make lasting improvements to your vehicle!

Advantages of a Drop-In Bedliner

  • Impact protection — For quick, simple protection, a drop-in liner can provide some serious protection from dents and dings (be sure to check underneath for trapped moisture!).
  • Affordable results — One main reason to invest in a drop-in bedliner is that it tends to be less expensive than a spray-on liner.
  • Easy installation — You can likely install your drop-in liner without much prep. Be sure to follow the instructions and secure things properly!
  • Simple replacements — While you want your investment to last a long time, it can help to know that replacing your drop-in liner can be simple (albeit more costly in the long run versus a one-time liner solution!).

Advantages of a Spray-In Bedliner

If you’re like many drivers who want a more lasting and valuable solution, then a spray-on coating may be your best bet in keeping your vehicle safe from the adventures and dangers to come.

Keep in mind that your spray-in bedliner is considered a permanent solution, which means you will not be able to go back to the original surface. Beyond this, you can expect a number of advantages, including:

Fast cure times — Within 24 hours, your coated truck bed will be fully cured and ready for full-duty use. Our protective coatings cure fast, getting you back on the road in no time.

  • High-quality aesthetics — While a drop-in liner looks bulky and has that plastic feeling, our spray-in liners feature form-fitting results and clean lines. You’re left with a precise finish that looks like it is fresh off the factory floor. Our professionals guarantee a quality finish!
  • Lasting protection — Your truck spray liner will look good for the long haul! Ultimate Linings can deliver a lasting solution, providing a liner that should outlive the other components of your truck.
  • Ideal defenses — The goal of any bed liner is to protect the form and integrity of the vehicle’s bed. Our polyurethane coatings deliver rugged protection from dents, dings, scratches, scrapes, and more.
  • Corrosion prevention — One major benefit over drop-in liners is that your spray-in liner will create a seamless bond, keeping water and corrosion at bay. Scratch and rust prevention can provide serious peace of mind!
  • Quieter hauls — Drop-in liners can catch wind and create drag, leaving the potential to generate some serious noise. Spray-on liners, on the other hand, reduce acoustic vibrations, lessening the sounds of your gear as you drive down the road.
  • Better texture — Most drop-in liners are rigid, yet provide little friction to keep gear in place. Ultimate Linings can help you add texture to reduce sliding, creating an even quieter ride.
  • Simple Maintenance — The seamless finish of Ultimate Linings guarantees that cleaning your truck bed will be easier than ever. All you’ll need is a brush, along with an occasional rinse of water, to take care of most messes. The result is a shining, flawless surface ready for the next adventure.

Protect Your Ride With Ultimate Linings

When it comes to industry-leading spray-on protection, you can turn to Ultimate Linings of San Jose for complete peace of mind. Our truck bed liner spray has been perfect after years of service, and we’re confident that we can generate an ideal outcome for your vehicle. We can also protect other components of your truck, including your bumpers, fenders, and more.

Our protective coatings are tested and proven to withstand long-term use and abuse across every adventure, from the trails to the jobsite. While a drop-in liner provides a number of benefits and may be perfect for some drivers, many people would better benefit from the advanced protection of polyurethane coatings.

Get Outside and Protect Your Ride!

If you’re ready to protect your truck for the miles to come, be sure to contact us online and fill out our form. A member of our team will reach out to discuss your project plans, as well as the power of our spray-on coatings!