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How to Maintain Your Truck Bed

A truck bed takes a lot of stress, whether it’s a load of rocks, lumber, or simply the stroller. If there is a sharp corner or if an object or item is thrown into the bed just right, it can leave scratches, dents, and scuff marks, forever impacting the appearance of your truck bed.

So how can you protect and maintain your truck bed?

Be Careful

No truck owner wants to be careful with their truck – they own a truck so that they don’t have to be! However, if you care about the appearance and value of your vehicle, then you will need to try at least a little bit to be mindful of what and how you’re putting items into the truck. There may not be much you can do when a load of rocks is being dumped into the bed, but if you’re putting a dog crate, luggage, lumber, furniture, or other heavy items into the bed, take it slow and easy. At the very least, you can put down a tarp to try to avoid severe scratches.

Use a Tonneau Cover or Truck Cap

These products can protect the bed from hail and other harsh elements, while still allowing you to access the bed for hauling items or storage. Tonneau covers come in both hard and soft materials, and a truck cap, or camper shell, is a hard storage shell that rises above the truck bed. While these can protect the bed from weather, if you’re hauling materials or items in the truck bed, you still need to be careful to prevent scratches and scuffs.

Keep the Bed Clean

Dirt, mud, gravel, sand, and other debris can easily accumulate in your truck bed, increasing the risk of scratches. If there is a particularly messy day with your truck, take a few minutes to thoroughly rinse out the bed. Use a hose and start at the end of the bed closest to the cab and push all of the debris out the tailgate. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down any remaining caked mud.

Use a Spray-On Bedliner

A spray-on bedliner is an amazing solution that can protect your truck bed from even the roughest and toughest material that is thrown into the bed. Unlike a truck bed cover, you can have peace of mind knowing the bed is protected from the elements as well as sharp and heavy materials and objects. The truck bed coating is an affordable and long-lasting solution that will keep your truck looking as good as new.

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If you’re in the San Jose area and need a solution that will keep your truck looking great for years to come, learn more about our polyurethane coating here, and schedule an appointment with us today.